Saturday swatches – the Pat McGrath Sublime Skin highlighting trio palette

Hey everyone! Pat McGrath has been on my mind recently. Not just for her gorgeous palettes but for other products that doesn’t get as much buzz. I have a few posts in mind but let’s get to the star of the show. Her highlighting trio palette is so beautiful, it’s a wonderful palette, yet no one really talked about it. It launched months ago but I never really saw any posts or videos talking about it. Well I’m going to talk about it!


This triptych of highlighters brightens with ravishingly revolutionary results to fuel your most incandescent fantasies. Three surreal shades radiate pure light, lay down a smooth veil of pure and even color, and accentuate bone structure. Combining the best features of powder, cream, and fluid textures, each shade is individually iconic, creating a tantalizing triple threat of gorgeous gleam when layered together. A futuristic trio of pigments flows across the skin, mimicking the reflection of light with glittering shine, ethereal luminosity, and metallic brilliance. Glow at your own risk, and beam beyond the spectrum.

Highlighter in Iridescent Pink 003 (opalescent pale rose), Fine Gold 003 (glittering yellow gold), Bronze Nectar 003 (gleaming soft copper)

With flash!

Left swatch pic in natural light; right swatch pic with flash.

The texture of these shades is so unique. Very smooth, almost flaky but not flaky in a bad way. You barely need any product to get a good amount of pigmentation. My swatches are done with very little product. I think my favorite is Fine Gold 003, glittery yellow gold (the shade in the middle). It’s unlike other shades I’ve seen (maybe similar to the mermaid highlighter palette from Wet n Wild). Obvioulsy Bronze Nectar is way too dark for me to use as a highlighter, but that won’t stop me from using it as eyeshadow.

In the end, do you need to rush out and get this palette? No, of course not. It’s pretty pricey. You only get 3 shades but at least the pan sizes are pretty big. If you’re a fan of Pat McGrath and collect her makeup products, then at least you’ll know that you’re getting another high quality product.

I’m happy I bought this. I was too curious about the formula to pass it up. No word yet if she’s going to release more. Or maybe have them available individually so you can pick and choose a particular shade.

Shop the palette here. $50.

Did you get this palette?

Images: my own


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